Ymediterraneo 2013, bologna(Yes, I am the one in the left corner, making effects with the overhear projector while directing the choir…)

I have started to teach singing and work like vocal coach when I was very young. It was 2004 and in this long period I have developed my personal stile, years by years with children, adults, actors and musicians.

****I especially love the collective dimension of the workshop in which learning and experimentation can melt together.  I love to built performance with my students, doesn’t matter their level, I just ask to bring what they have in a genuine way…the result it will be a picture of that moment out of standard aesthetic. The aim is the experience,  develop their own ideas and their artistic  personality in a common creation.****

My teaching activities are:

– Individual singing lessons/ vocal coach (available also ON-LINE)

– Improvisation workshop and choir

– Vocal coach for actors or any kind of speakers (teachers etc.)

– Music workshops for babies

Contact me for info: elisabettalanfredini@gmail.com

gift vaucher

A picture and two videos from the student performance “Mediterraneo, acque che raccontano” that I directed in 2012 in Bologna at International Museum of Music. 

Here a video from the student concert 2010  “Yes, we Brecht!”,  freely inspired by The Three Penny Opera.


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