RAMBLING VOICES – the experimental choir

What is Rambling Voices?


it is a different kind of choir that keeps the focus on vocal research and experimentation. It’s a workshop, a laboratory, an observatory, a telescope, a microscope.                                                                                                                             It is the way I want to bring people together to sing, use their voice, make music, discovering, reflecting and creating.                                                                 Is where noise is coming from your voice as well as the most melodic sound.  Is where melody meets chaos since the coexistence of improvisation, unorganised sounds together with melodic material remains my strongest point of interest. 

Rambling because is going to travel in different cities in form of workshop Rambling because voices will move, turn, meet and mix as crazy lines in different improvised music shape                                                                            Rambling as the different influences that will come together in our music

Do you want me to go deeply?

Listen here:

//sounds, colours, timbres and various kind of emissions will melt into different kinds of  collective improvisations exploring the possibilities of the voice by experiencing unusual vocal emissions, spoken voice as a melodic element // resonances, articulations as rhythmic material, breathing-noises will also be discovered as musical elements and essential vocal features                        // Together with improvisation we will work on ancient melodies from mediterranean area, in different languages and dialects                                          // we will experience graphic/ verbal notation, guided improvisation, conduction, and who knows score and kind of music.

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