DuoSubRosa in Berlin and Copenhagen

I am very happy that DuoSubRosa, the collaboration of me and Uygur Vural (cello and electronics) after a little break is suddenly alive again. We have just play the very first version of our new performance inspired by traditional calls and shouts at Mirror Mirror Festival II in Berlin that take inspiration from my research about afro-american Hollers and Field-calls but also from all the voices of the people who calls each other and shout in the space, from the Mediterranean street sellers, the mountains calls to the muslim call for prayer.

In April and May we will perform in Copenhagen and again in Berlin for SONoRA#3 with wonderful guest as Mia Dyberg on alto sax, Federico Corsini on double bass and Matthias Müller.  Here all the details.





SONoRA#1 January 26th in Neukölln 


Starting from this month I will organize a series of concerts in LaBettolab, nice small place in Neukölln that lately is giving much space to improvised and experimental music.

I called this series of events SONoRa,the concerts will take place every last Tuesday of the month with mostly acoustic or semi-acoustic ensemble and I will love to host non-Berliner musicians who are passing by here…

LaBettolab adress is Okerstrasse 43, very close to the U8 stop Leinestrasse.

So ladies and gentlemen here is SONoRA#1 with this first marvelous quintet:

January 26 // SONoRA#1 @LaBettolab

Elisabetta Lanfredini (voice)                                                                                                   Caroline Cecilia Tallone (hurdy-gurdy and amplified objects)                                          Elena Margarita Kakaliagou (french horn)                                                                                      Davide Piersanti (trombone)                                                                                                          Dario Fariello (alto sax)

Concert time: 20.00-22.00. See you there!

100 Jahre DADA / a Noise Choir

MAVO  Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig                                                                            

Noise choir with Tomomi Adachi and Audrey Chen

I had the pleasure to be part of the Noise Choir directed by the Japanese artist Tomomi Adachi  in Lipzig for a special performance celebrating the 100 years old of DADAism. The performance was also live on Deutschland Radio.

Here are the official video, some pics of the preparation of the event and the link to the official event.

12573904_10153902875454201_5202240346677898846_n mavo2 mavo3



Concerts in Berlin – December: acoustic and semi acoustic situations

December came and I have to announce a couple of very nice concerts.

On 4th I will play in Sowieso with a very special string ensemble. I have already played with Klaus Kürvers many times and something magic always happens, he seems to understand deeply the many invented languages and all the stories that happen in my brain while I’m improvising that are coming out like sung and spoken voice.

I’m very happy to play  with musicians like Klaus and for the first time with Joel Grip and Tristan Honsinger. Me and Tristan have both spent a long part of our life in Bologna but we have never met each other before I moved in Berlin so here we are.

Actually one of my aim here in Berlin is developing my “electronic” side, but still I’m very happy when I can play in acoustic or semi acoustic so I can push my “storyteller” side and melt with natural sounds.

Friday, December 4th Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, 12049 Berlin Neukölln, 20.30:


Elizabetta Lanfredini – Voice.                      Joel Grip – Double Bass.                               Klaus Kürvers – Double Bass.                Tristan Honsinger – Cello, Voice.

On 8th I will play in another acoustic situation again in quartet. This time we know each other very well…I will play with Uygur Vural on cello-my partner in music and life – and with my friend Korhan Erel. We have played together many times in Berlin and in Istanbul before we all move to Germany. We will play with Brianne Curran on violin with a totally acoustic set up. The same night Tomomi Adachi and Erika Sollo will performe in duo for the second set.
Dec 08 15 @ LA BETTOLAB, 20.00

Okerstrasse 43, 12049 Berlin

1st set:

Korhan Erel (ipad, melodica, crackle box, blue tooth speakers)                            Elisabetta Lanfredini (vocals).                 Uygur Vural (cello).                                  Brianne Curran (violin)

2nd set:

Tomomi Adachi (vocals/electronics).      Erika Sofia Solo (vocals)

With this little cute place, LaBettoLab, ran by an Italian guy, I will start a collaboration so you will hear soon about my other concerts there for the next year.

The concerts are also announced on http://www.echtzeitmusik.de

…my name is written wrong for the concert of 4th, it has never happened till now and I was very surprised. I appear as “Manfredini” that is a popular Italian surname; it reminds me the time of the school when somebody was doing the same mistake. Funny!

Concerts in Berlin (November) and others

This month I have a couple of very interesting concerts in Berlin in some of the best venues for experimental.

Me and Uygur Vural (cello), my partner in life an music, have been played together as DuoSubRosa since the time we were living in Istanbul and now in Berlin we love to open our sound to guests. We play often with Klaus Kurvers (double bass) in a very magical acoustic dimension and this month on 13th  we will host Tomomi Adachi (voice and electronics), one of my favorite vocalist on the berliner music scene. We will perform in  Miss Hecker, an historical place for improvising music in Berlin.

Tomomi had lately a great idea of coming together to play and “reflect” on Stockhausen music. I am joining those meetings with my great pleasure as a very special training for improvisation and music interplay. I hope to play live soon with this project too.

On 21th I will join the Festival “Mirror” that will take part on several days in Greenhouse. I will play with two friends and wonderful musicians that perfectly satisfied my willing of electronics.  Korhan Erel (computer, controllers, electronics) and Nicola Weise (mixer, feedback) that for this occasion will also include in the concert previously recorded material from our last concerts, matching perfectly with the “Mirror” concept.

See u around 🙂 
 miss heker


About three years ago I started to be very interested to  solo voice and acoustic voice performances. It came first from  my research on oral poetry in Italy and the use of the voice in the rural environment with its relationship with space and communication. This way to listen folk voices and tunes has developed my passion for vocal calls, street calls and field calls…is understandable, I was living in Istanbul in that time, where street calls are still an important part of the soundscape. All those reflections and experiences took me to write my conservatory thesis about the afro-american Field Calls, prototypes of blues and all the afro-american vocality. The title was A VOCE SOLA….and it has been a great time of researching, thinking and listening.

As a performer, I am developing my own solo-voice dimension taking inspiration from calls, from the techniques of the folk voices, the sound of the spoken voices and the languages. It’s a reflection at the same time about been unheard, been voiceless, having (or not) a voice in,  voices of outcasts and exiles, unspoken voices.  But voices is also common saying, ancient lullabies and rhymes as secret untouchable memories. Voices in my head. Voices of ancestors, epic, ritual and archetypical. Improvisation is the element to tailor all these features together.

I will perform the Sketch# 1 in this voice night in QuietCue Berlin on 16th of July. I will open the event and after me the vocal ensemble Abra from Israel will perform. Is going to be interesting.  I am glad to be part of this.


My activities in Berlin – May

Spring came in Berlin and many things are starting with the help of the beautiful energy of the green city. I started to teach singing and to lead a singing workshop in Italian. I am also organising an international one… I will speak soon about that. Feel free to contact me to know more. In the meanwhile a couple of concerts are already planned with very nice musicians and I am so happy to announce them here below.

Elisabetta26 of May / XB-liebig / Liebigst, 10247 Berlin

Elisabetta Lanfredini,  voice                                                                                                 Korhan Erel, computer- controllers                                                                                   Utku Tavil, drums                                                                                                                   Nicolas Wiese, electronics

www.elisabettalanfredini.com                                                                              www.nicolaswiese.com                                                                                                   www.utkutavil.com

27 of May / Donau115  / Donaustraße 115, 12043 Berlino

Elisabetta Lanfredini:  Voice
Uygur Vural: Cello
Korhan Erel: Computer, Controllers
Axel Dörner: Trumpet

Elisabetta, Uygur and Korhan know each other from the small but exciting free improvisation scene in Istanbul, where they have played many concerts together in recent years, and have become good friends. Their  lives have taken all three of them to Berlin, and they will celebrate this reunion in a different city with an evening of improvisation.                                                                                                           Trumpet player Axel Dörner, one of the most important figures in free jazz and improvisation, will join them for the second set.

http://www.elisabettalanfredini.com/                                         http://uygurvural.tumblr.com                                                                              http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/musician/mdorner.html