SHEEP and FISH – Concerts for babies and kids

                              Sofia Borges Ensamble, MiaFestival2018, Portugal –photo José Félix da Costa

Sheep and Fish – Creative Kids is my project about music education and concerts for babies and kids. The concerts I offer with my team of musicians are a deep musical experience that transcends languages and cultures.

What I mean with “baby/kids concert” is not playing a list of songs for the little ones but a very dynamic performance focused on musical stimulation with improvisation, movements, rhythm patters, melodies/short songs in different languages and deep interplay with the babies.

                        Sofia Borges Ensamble, MiaFestival2018, Portugal – photo José Félix da Costa

I mostly work  with my partner, the cellist Uygur Vural and together we play many instruments that gives a wide variety of sounds and colours: cello, voice, little percussions, ocean drum, frame drum, indian shruti box, ukulele, kalimba, bağlama plus objects and simple self-made music instruments. We usually play for around 30/35 minutes and after the concert we take time to show and accompany the babies to know our instruments, play with body percussions and built together some very simple percussions. The duo can be extended to a bigger ensemble to host different instruments (trombone, clarinet, sax, drum, violin etc).

Elisabetta Lanfredini Ensemble, MiaFestival2019, photo Paulo Chagas

Language? The music is our language. We will sing some tunes in different languages, invented syllables and let the sound lead the communication. 

Concerts are dedicated to babies from 0 to 3 years old but older sisters and brothers are of course welcome together with the rest of the family. The concert is flexible and easily adaptable to an audience of kids.

       Elisabetta Lanfredini Ensemble, MiaFestival2019, photo Paulo Chagas

I am also giving workshops (private or in kindergarden) about approaching music /listening and  building music instruments with recycle materials. I have been working with small babies and kids for several years especially in bilingual schools in Germany and Turkey.

Berlin, 2019


Next Concerts:

We had a long break due to the Covid-19 situation! Hope to see you soon around for concerts.

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If you are interested to know about the next Concert or workshop or if you want to organise one at your place (libraries, concert halls, Familienzentrum, theaters, big living rooms) please send a message and subscribe the mailing list below.

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