Alphabetical Digressions

DuoSubRosa has started to work on new music after we took a long family break due to the birth of our daughter.In the last two concerts in Berlin, we decided to focus on a project freely inspired from the Alfabeto Apocalittico, by Edoardo Sanguineti,  Italian pioneer of avant-garde poetry. The poem is composed of fresh, ironic, erotic, sarcastic octaves, one for each letter of the alphabet where each words start with the same letter. The sound leads the poetry together with a very special juxtaposition of words and non-sense.

We have red and though much about how to give a musical sound to this wonderful job, at the end, after many discussions and trial we have decided that we should decide every details and leave a big part of improvisation. The audience of our last concert has been asked to pick up a letter of the alphabet and we improvised on it after a fast reading of the poetry.

We are still thinking about the last shape of this project, maybe it hasn’t one but it need to remain flexible. For sure we would like to open the collaboration to other musicians and artists in general (dancers, visual artists…) and extend the research to the use of other media as video, stop motion, pictures, painting…

Here are the pics and video of our concerts at  Hosek Contemporary Gallery and World in a Room Gallery, Berlin.



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