ELISABETTA LANFREDINI, is a singer, performer, teacher and improviser.

She master graduated in “Jazz Voice/ Improvisation and Music of our time” at the Conservatory of Bologna and in DAMS/Ethnomusicology at the University of the same town.
She deepened the western vocal technique studying barocco singing and she studied several folk traditional music (Dhrupad singing-North Indian Music-, Nada and Mantra Yoga -Yoga of the sound-, Kurdish Dengbej style and Turkish folk music.

She get closer the voice repertory of Mediterranean area after her two years of life in Istanbul.

The background in afro-american, folk music and ethnomusicology together with the deep experience in the experimental theatre, develops her style in a sort of modern storytelling, fully opened to both improvised and traditional music. She lives the stage like a performance involved poetry and literature, spoken voices, tape recorders, sound objects and special “analogue” projections the she makes. 

She is a passionated voice teacher with 15 years of experience as vocal/music educator. She gives vocal workshops about improvisation and modern/jazz singing and she loves to create the condition for people to sing together, beyond and taking inspiration, from their culture background and geographic origins.


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