ELISABETTA LANFREDINI, is a singer, performer, teacher and improviser.

She master graduated in “Jazz Voice/ Improvisation and Music of our time” at the Conservatory of Bologna and in DAMS/Ethnomusicology at the University of the same town.

She deepened the western vocal technique studying barocco singing and she studied several folk traditional music (Dhrupad singing-North Indian Music-, Nada and Mantra Yoga -Yoga of the sound-, Kurdish Dengbej style and Turkish folk music.

She get closer the voice repertory of Mediterranean area after her two years of life in Istanbul.

The background in afro-american, folk music and ethnomusicology together with the deep experience in the experimental theatre, develops her style in a sort of modern storytelling, fully opened to both improvised and traditional music. She lives the stage like a performance involved poetry and literature, spoken voices, tape recorders, sound objects and projections. 

She  currently sing as leader and give concerts in projects of experimental, original and electronic music.
She has been singer for many different bands and projects of Brazilian music, Jazz, traditional Italian and mediterranean repertoire and gave her voice for sound installations, theater plays, videos and dance projects.
She is a passionated voice teacher with 15 years of experience as vocal/music educator.
She gives lessons and vocal workshops about modern/jazz singing and improvisation.
Teaching for me is much more than shape a voice: I loves to create the condition for people to sing together, beyond and taking inspiration from their cultural background and geographic origins. Singing is a way to bring to the surface people’s truth and inner needs for expression. When I lead a singing group, I am just a tool between the music and the people, I steps aside and observe the magic happens.

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