An Humming experience w/ Raed Yassin



You might have glimpsed a very magical location appearing on my Instagram profile here and there lately. I can finally say what and where and repost those wonderful pictures from the shooting of “Hamming in Abandoned places’, a performance by Raed Yassin to which I had the pleasure to give my contribution with my voice and presence.

You should run to watch it by the way, cause it will be online only till the 26th of November.  Here is the link:

Prepare a google board or anyway put 360 mode to enjoy the full packet of voice vibration plus stunning 360 degrees view.

And now a couple of personal stories and impressions about that day.

Singing has been my main or anyway most important activity for the last 20 years but still I surprise at what can happen throughout the voices’ sound. I felt that humming all day long put all of us in a very particular state. A calm state. A reflective, an “empty” state.

/  / But anyway, a synchronised state. / / Despite the distance between us, despite our never-crossed sights, despite how feeble an humming voice can be. At the end the power of the singing brought us beyond the artistic statement we were representing. Or was a confirmation of it?  Maybe there is then, a different possibility of connection? A subtler one? A less-material, less-impudent one? A connection of people who are stronger individuals and don’t compulsively need each other even if they are still willing to stay together?


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