Autumn News. Rehearsal w/ Stine Janvin at DAAD, Seanaps Festival 2020 and more

In the last months I had to review my plans and priorities as anyone else, but things are starting to move a bit again.

I am delighted that I have been chosen as singer/ performer for a project lead by Stine Janvin as part of her residency at DAAD. Rehearsal will start next week and the show is scheduled for 17th of January: it will be a piece for 6 voices and it will be recorded and broadcasted by Deutschland Radio Kultur.

The piece will be about tuning and techniques of traditional Norwegian herding calls. I am excited about the topic since I have investigated many different kind of calls and even wrote my Conservatory Thesis (and partly on my university one) about this topic: it’s definitely an occasion to explore another traditional music culture that I know just superficially.

Autumn mood.

For the rest, was fun to give a couple of interviews lately. One will be for the wonderful online magazine Yanez, in Italian, sorry, but I will translate some parts and post them here.

The second was a talk with Schnelle Musikalische Hilfe” about ear worms but at the end strongly focused on voice techniques, vocal approaches, teaching approaches and ear warms. Super fun and interesting. It was party display through the audio project “Mein Tiefes Mitgefuhl fur diesel Ohrwur” at Seanaps Festival 2020.

I have to say that after many years focussing more on performing then recording, what is happening now it’s the opposite. The second album of DuoSubRosa is waiting to be released probably before the end of the year. This is something I am excited about because it’s a very current portrait of where I am musically, vocally and some how, intellectually.

I have recorded this album when I was half sick and coming out from a heavy period when I even lost my voice! (This happened like two /three times in my almost 25 years of singing life). Anyway I love the result of the recordings and I love every sound of my voice even when their are not completely under my control.

What about THE POND? The Pond’s first album is ready since months but unfortunately the wonderful international label we are supposed to collaborate with is having a big slow down…everything is postponed to next year.

Oh, there is something else.

If in December I will be able to reach Italy, will be for a recording session, a very particular one. Mirco Roppolo, a crazy dude I know for long, has built a vintage studio and started a project about  stereo 8 ! Yes, I am going to record a solo short album for a very limited edition of stereo 8 tapes. I love that I been asked for this. It will be about some ancient Italian folk tune with new contemporary dress.

If the situation will allow it I am also going to give the first Rambling Voices workshop in Italy! Finger crossed.

That’s all for now.

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