Running.out:of;words #4 – Live

On October 29th I will be part of this concert about contemporary voice. I will perform with the singer Natalia Pschenitschnikova and audiovisual artist Nicolas Wiese with whom I am already collaborating for the project The Pond. Below all the details.

Natalia Pschenitschnikova and Elisabetta Lanfredini sing three premieres of the composers Aziz Lewandowski, Ferdinand Breil and Nicolas Wiese. As composer/performers each of them will enter the stage and complement the voice with another component. While Nicolas Wiese makes use of purely voice-based electronics, Ferdinand Breil adds a synthesizer to this setting. Aziz Lewandowski on the other hand stays acoustic by accompanying on the cello. 
Natalia Pschenitschnikova feels just as much at home in the composed music as she does in the improvised field hence forming a bridge between the different approaches and aesthetics of the composers. Nicolas Wiese and Elisabetta Lanfredini started collaborating as The Pond a while ago. She introduces influences of folk traditional music to the concert.
additives thus gives a wide variety of perspectives on the contemporary voice and lets it play the leadrole in this multi-faceted concert.

Natalia Pschenitschnikova – Voice
Elisabetta Lanfredini – Voice
Ferdinand Breil – Composition and Electronics 
Nicolas Wiese – Composition and Electronics
Aziz Lewandowski – Composition and Violoncello

Konzert II – 21:15
wort | laute #2

In three electronic tape compositions poems by the lyricists Anna Hetzer and Carla Hegerl were put to music and the two authors will be on stage to read their poems.
Recordings of the authors reading their poems were the starting point for all of these four channel compositions. The sound of the voice will thus be alternating between live sounding speech and electronically processed sounds of speech.

Anna Hetzer – Reading
Carla Hegerl – Reading

Martin Daske – Halbwertzeiten des Lichts (AT) (2017) UA
Stepha Schweiger – Neues Werk (UA)
Sebastian Elikowski Winkler/Ferdinand Breil – Stimm-Bänder II (2017) UA

Gefördert durch initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

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