Alphabetical Digressions 2


Alphabetical Digressions

I love to work with poetry and texts. I have been thinking and researching a musical shape for the opera “Alfabeto Apocalittico” by experimental poet Edoardo Sanguineti for a while. Here is what me and Uygur Vural on cello made on letter “I”. The project is still open and will meet other musicians/ vocal artists in the next year.

Alfabeto Apocalittico is a collection of poems, one poem for each letter of the (Italian) alphabet. In every poem all the worlds start with the same letter. For example in the poem for the letter A, each worlds start with A making a very crazy collection of particular worlds and juxtaposition, game of meanings and sounds.

I love this opera very much and I felt I could take it as an inspiration for some musical composition and improvisation. I played some times with my partner in life and music Uygur Vural on cello and I now feel to extend it to the collaboration with other musicians and artists. The work is totally in progress, if you are an artist and would be part of it, no matter which corner of the word you are, just drop me a line.

RAMBLING VOICES – the experimental choir

I am creating a choir. In fact in Berlin there are enough choirs,  because people love to sing together. I found it fantastic. My choir is going to be something different anyway.

Rambling Voices t has the intention of creating a different type of choir, made of research and experimentation. The nature of the project is, as the name implies, constantly on movement and has the simple goal to bring people together and make them sing, immediately as in Berlin as everywhere else.

The coexistence of improvisation, unorganised sounds together with melodic material remains my stronger point of interest.

——> Want to know more?

For the moment we are meeting once a month but we will double this before the spring comes. Next meeting will be on 11th of November. Write me for infos.

The Pond – first album work in progress

The recording session of the first The Pond’s album have finished! Now we take a summer break than we proceed with mixing and publishing. Me and Nicolas Wiese are two slow cats, we think and listen a lot so no rush but soon you will have news about it. I have to say that there are some very emotional pages for me: I dug in my past using some material (melodies and texts) that were in my mind and soul for long but could never have a final artistic shape. I will tell more about it and all characters that appear in this very theatrical album…Orfeo, Erodes and Salome, Agramante, Giasone…

Tape recorders and new Voice Solo

I am working on my new voice solo that I will perform soon in Berlin.

I am exploring how to accompany melodies with with drones, noises and texts. I am using three tape recorders, both with pre-recored sound and things that I record live. Sometimes it sound with an electronics set, tis is exiting. ========With me always my feithful shruti box and probably other instruments played in a non-classical way…my works with the over-head projector might appear in a certain point in the future ////^^^^^ work in progress ≠≠≠/////