Autumn News. Despite everything.

In the last months I had to review my plans and priorities as anyone else, but things are starting to move a bit again.

I am delighted that I have been chosen as singer/ performer for a project lead by Stine Janvin as part of her residency at DAAD. Reahrseal will start next week and the show is scheduled for 17th of January: it will be a piece for 6 voices and it will be recorded and broadcasted by Deutschland Radio Kultur.

The piece will be about tuning and techniques of traditional Norwegian herding calls. I am excited about the topic since I have investigated many different kind of calls and even wrote my Conservatory Thesis (and partly on my university one) about this topic: it’s definitely an occasion to explore another traditional music culture that I know just superficially.

Autumn mood.

For the rest, was fun to give a couple of interviews lately. One will be for the wonderful online magazine Yanez, in italian, sorry, but I will translate some parts and post them here.

The second was a talk with “Schnelle Musicalische hilfe” strongly focused on voice techniques, vocal aproachs, teaching approaches and ear warms. Super fun and interesting. It was party display through the audio project “Mein Tiefes Mitgefuhl fur diesel Ohrwur” at the radio festival “Seanaps Festival” last week.

I have to say that after many years focussing more on performing then recording, what is happening now it’s the opposite. The second album of DuoSubRosa is waiting to be released probably before the end of the year. This is something I am excited about because it’s a very current portrait of where I am musically, vocally and some how, intellectually.

I have recorded this album when I was half sick and coming out from a heavy period when I even lost my voice! (This happened like two /three times in my almost 25 years of singing life). Anyway I love the result of the recordings and I love every sound of my voice even when their are not completely under my control.

What about THE POND? The Pond’s first album is ready since months but unfortunately the wonderful international label we are supposed to collaborate with is having a big slow down…everything is postponed to next year.

Oh, there is something else.

In December I will be in Italy for a recording session, a very particular one. A crazy dude I know for long has built a vintage studio and want to record on stereo 8! Yes, I am going to record a solo short album for a very limited edition of stereo 8 tapes. I love that I been asked for this. It will be about some ancient Italian folk tune with new contemporary dress.

If the situation will allow it I am also going to give the first Rambling Voices workshop in Italy! Finger crossed.

That’s all for now.

Rambling Voices, Autumn stories – “Just play a sound”.


I promised that in Spring 2020, Rambling Voices, my project of building an experimental choir would have found a stable shape, a stable location and keep work regularly. Instead, I had to stop the wheels rolling because of the Covid19 and be patient and work and video editing.

At the door of Autumn we started to meet again, open air in several locations and many wonderful things have happened. I have met lot of new people interested to my project and make them sing and improvise together form the first moment, as I promised. Feedbacks are always amazing…people feel free to express, use their voice fearless, do “strange” sound, shout, whistle and laugh.

I have learnt to work with non-professionals from a couple of masters of mine. In particular, when I was part of a very experimental theater company, our director was strongly insisting on working with us non-professional-actors/performers instead of the professionals that he could have.

The frame was the University of Bologna, I was so young but I was asked from him, Arnaldo, to give some voice workshops to the actors, so I did. Once, after he gave a topic for an improvisation, he came to me and said in my ear: “you see, if you leave them free, they will amaze you”.

I was in fact getting crazy by his very few and sibylline directions, but he was right: non professionals have somehow less prejudice and since they have less tools they would explore new ways.

Anyway, my masters in my heart, I keep doing my Rambling research on voice and voice teaching very happily though these meetings.

I give some cues for improvisations. Sometimes I don’t give any. I conduct. sometimes I don’t do anything. I push people to forget about voice technique and sometime to build “other” techniques.

How your voice would be if you have to sing while running?

Plus, in the last meeting I started to realise my desire to mix some folk tunes with impro and unorganised sounds. For the moment I am using a melodie with lyrics in a minor Italian language from the south. I even don’t understand the meaning and that’s make everyone on the same level…no stress about pronunciation and meaning, they are only sound (for the moment).

No stress at all. This is also part of my research. I want these people to sing without guiding their sounds with the stress of doing something good.

How we get there?

Yes, I make them practice Stockhausen’s Aus den sieben Tagen. This is always a good way to shut up your brain and focus on what you have to do.

Just play a sound.

With attention but with no expectation. With dedication but without prejudice.

Just play a sound.

SEDIMENTS, first album by DuoSubRosa

This empty, strange time in which we are living was the kick to finally put online this album that was taking dust in the drawer. The strange coincidence is that it has been recorded in a period in which we were in a kind of forced retreat, coming from Istanbul where we met and lived together, preparing ourselves to move to Berlin.  Is a long story made of thinking, searching, trying, meditating and you can listening a bit through our music.

The album is a live recording in a little church in the middle of the stunning countryside of Tuscany.

DuoSubRosa is my oldest active project, born in Istanbul in 2013 from the collaboration of me and Uygur Vural on cello.

You can listen and buy the album here:


VOICE/S/ solo 2019-2020

Voice solo work in progress…here is what is about.


In this solo performance, Elisabetta brings together different sound levels that act as characters, double faces, insistent thoughts, out-of-control voices.

Everything is based on the concept of the double, the voice is clean in its acoustic dimension, but it is also insistently replicated creating different levels of story.

Melody is the other central element with the search for a new way to accompany it made of noises, drones and duplicated voices. Fragments of ancient melodies linked to the areas of southern Italy, open to new suggestions telling of the sea and its terrible function of union and separation.

Drones, noises, cassettes of various kinds with pre-recorded sounds or used as obsolete loop stations, radios and a shruti box are the objects available for narration.

Alphabetical Digressions 2


Alphabetical Digressions

I love to work with poetry and texts. I have been thinking and researching a musical shape for the opera “Alfabeto Apocalittico” by experimental poet Edoardo Sanguineti for a while. Here is what me and Uygur Vural on cello made on letter “I”. The project is still open and will meet other musicians/ vocal artists in the next year.

Alfabeto Apocalittico is a collection of poems, one poem for each letter of the (Italian) alphabet. In every poem all the worlds start with the same letter. For example in the poem for the letter A, each worlds start with A making a very crazy collection of particular worlds and juxtaposition, game of meanings and sounds.

I love this opera very much and I felt I could take it as an inspiration for some musical composition and improvisation. I played some times with my partner in life and music Uygur Vural on cello and I now feel to extend it to the collaboration with other musicians and artists. The work is totally in progress, if you are an artist and would be part of it, no matter which corner of the word you are, just drop me a line.

RAMBLING VOICES – the experimental choir

I am creating a choir. In fact in Berlin there are enough choirs,  because people love to sing together. I found it fantastic. My choir is going to be something different anyway.

Rambling Voices t has the intention of creating a different type of choir, made of research and experimentation. The nature of the project is, as the name implies, constantly on movement and has the simple goal to bring people together and make them sing, immediately as in Berlin as everywhere else.

The coexistence of improvisation, unorganised sounds together with melodic material remains my stronger point of interest.

——> Want to know more?

For the moment we are meeting once a month but we will double this before the spring comes. Next meeting will be on 11th of November. Write me for infos.